Willowsong is a female dilute tortie with greenish yellow eyes. She has very distinct black markings on her hind paw, which her sister also has.


Sweet and funny, a clear talent for hunting. She is fiercely loyal to her clan and will willingly give her life for her clanmates. Especially loyal to her sister. She is determined to be the best she can, and give her all to those she loves. She is anxious sometimes, when her friends have problems she can't fix.


Willowsong was born to a young she-cat and her mate named Bluemist and Smoketooth. She had two siblings, Ivykit and Leafkit, but Leafkit tragically died soon after he was born. Willowsong's family was devastated of course, but as life went on they began to heal. Willowkit always knew she wanted to be a warrior, and vowed to make Leafkit proud. When she was apprenticed to Goldenheart, she was so happy and proud, as was her mentor. Then Goldenheart died in a badger attack, and Willowpaw was unwilling to train for a quarter-moon, upset about the death. Her new mentor was Herontooth, who trained her well once the shock wore off. She made another vow to Goldenheart, the same one she made to her lost brother. She earned her warrior name with Ivypaw, as they fought off a dog. She was Willowsong and her sister was Ivyheart. She developed a crush on one tom in her clan, which she buried deep.

(ALSO, her sister Ivypaw(at the time) moved to BreezeClan)

Relationship Details

Mate- Hawkheart




Smoketooth, Ivyheart and Bluemist. And Leafkit.


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