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The title is helpful when trying to figure out what this is. This is a place where fun and games are one and the same. You come here to do whatever, as long as it's fun. You still need to obey the rules though, do that and you'll be fine. Disobey them and you'll be banned for a certain amount of time. The time will vary depending on the offense.


  1. Be nice. No matter who it is or what they said, remember. Always, be, nice. If someone is spotted being rude, mean, or downright nasty. Please report it. We want wikis to be a safe place, for everyone to enjoy.
  2. On this forum, keep this place PG-13 at all times. We are supposed to be at least 13 after all, and we don't want stuff like violence, rugs, or intimate romance to interfere with our fun!
  3. Other wikis may tell you to keep the peace but here we tell you, be as loud and silly as you can. As long as you remember the first two rules you are encouraged to be random, happy, and spread good cheer. We want to hear your ridiculous thoughts, no matter how much they don't make sense.
  4. So, now that we've gotten through all the good there is only one thing left to say, HAVE FUN!!

Where the forum actually is

It's on the message wall peeps, so if you want to start roleplaying or doing random stuff, go on there!

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