aka Hawk | Blossom | Skylar

  • I live in a cardboard box
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is roleplayer, gamer, artist, actress, author, bookworm
  • I am she/her
  • Bio Hey, I'm Hawkblossom. I roleplay Wings of Fire and Warriors in my free time, and you can find me on a number of wikis. I don't have any social media, so don't look for me there.
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Hello and welcome! I'm Hawkblossom45, an admin/user of this wiki. If you need anything or just want a friend/ weird and over-excitable companion, just contact me!

I'm currently inactive, but if you want to talk to me, just leave a message on my wall and I will respond.

My Clan(s)

I've got only one Clan on this wiki. It's called DuskClan, and I co-founded it along with YellowfangWC. If you want an OC on DuskClan, fill out the form on it's page! Thanks!

My OCs

Despite my rank, I only have a few OCs (original characters) on this wiki.




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