If you would like to join StreamClan then leave a comment with your cat request or contact Dew or Hope.


There are streams and rivers everywhere.  There is a pool outside of camp.  The camp is in a small thicket of trees.

The camp is hidden. It is filled with huge trees and rocks. Moons beyond moons of digging created safe dens for the cats to sleep in.

Most of the dens are located near the river except for the nursery so the kits can't fall in.

A monument is a really tall pointy rock in a small pond.

Large Rock


StreamClan was founded by a young warrior named Streameye, who left his clan. He invited a few loners to join his group, and they became the first warriors of StreamClan. Streameye became Streamstar, and he appointed his sister Lightfoot, as deputy. Rumours and news spread quickly and far. Soon, StreamClan was welcoming more cats even one or two fit kittypets.

Streamstar died by a traitor and the traitor was named Redclaw. His names is feared in the clan. Before he was exiled it was rumored that he murdered a rouge out of no where. Kits are told stories by their mother's about Redclaw to keep their kits in line and not become like him.

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The Usual Cats

Cats in Streamclan have waterproof pelt for their swimming. They are very strong and sleek. Always well-fed. Their size may vary from small to big. They usually have long pelts.

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Leader: Ripplestar- Tom (Dewdrop)

Deputy: Frayedheart-She-cat (Hope)

Apprentice: Ashenpaw

Medicine Cat: Mallownose- She-cat (Dewdrop)

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Tigerpaw

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Flitterpaw


Duskshadow- Tom (Obscure)

Sprucesong-She-cat (Whsikers)

Russetflight- She-cat (Obscure)

Shrewheart- She-cat (Willow)

Apprentice: Birchpaw

Clearpool-She cat (Dewy)


Tigerpaw- Tom (Hope)

Ashenpaw- Tom (Obscure)

Birchpaw- She-cat (Willow)

Flitterpaw- She-cat (Lavender)



Raccoonkit-Tom (Whiskers)

Volekit- Tom (Willow)

Ratkit- Tom (Willow)

Aquakit- Tom (Spark)


Joining Form










This is where all the notices for StreamClan will be.

Ripplestar (Dewdrop) is open for a mate. Contact her to ship with him.

Tigerpaw (Hope) is open for a family. Please contact them to discuss a possible family.

Ashenpaw (Obscure) is open for a family. Please contact her if you want to discuss possible family.

Duskshadow (Obscure) is looking for a family and an apprentice. If you want to discuss family or an apprentice for Duskshadow please contact her.

Russetflight (Obscure) is looking for a future mate. If you have one contact her.

The RP is now open!

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