Rowanstorm is a dark ginger and white tabby tom with amber eyes. 


Rowanstorm is a SplashClan cat, meaning he knows how to swim and how to fish. This tom is usually hunting daily, or just relaxing in the mean time. He was a clan born tom but little did he know his brother is Shadowclaw of BreezeClan, and his sister of Hollymoon of BreezeClan, he truth was, he never thought he had any siblings, his mother was the one to take him away, to SplashClan, and that’s all he remembered. He is one of the most loyal warriors of SplashClan and he appreciates the respect the clan grants him with.

Personally for Rowanstorm he kinda just liked to be with anyone, he doesn’t care about their history either as a rogue or Kittypet, or clan cat, he sees everyone with a good side with him and sometimes he doesn’t want to admit they have a bad one with him.


Rowanstorm is not a bad tom, just misunderstood! Sometimes his temper gets the best of him and he ends up scolding the other cats. But! But, he always apologizes and that’s what really counts right? He always has something going on in his mind and is always comforted by his closest friends.



Fawnpelt: Deceased


Sparrowflight: Deceased


Hollymoon: Living


Shadowclaw: Living




Hollymoon & Shadowclaw

Rowanstorm isn’t aware that he has siblings at all.



  • He soon figures out he’s had siblings all this time
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