Redfall is a dark ginger tom with hints of black shading.


Redfall is a Hunter and warrior of DuskClan. His sister, Echomist, was formerly a Fisher before being promoted to Deputy. Redfall's mother is Yellowspring. His father is Stonescratch.



Redfall has short, sleek, deep ginger fur with faint black-brown shading. His eyes are a pale leaf-green, while his whiskers, paws, chest, and underbelly are snow-white. The young warrior has a stocky yet graceful build.


Redfall, like his sister, is determined, brave, quick-thinking, and smart. Despite his burning ambition to prove himself, the young Hunter of DuskClan is friendly and loyal.


Redfall is an exceptional fighter and competent hunter. His swimming skills are notable, but not outstanding. He has good leadership qualities but has not been given any apprentice. Redfall's strong, fast build and courageous nature give him an edge in fighting, but can slow him down sometimes. He's relatively good at fishing, but decided not to pursue this and became a Hunter for his Clan instead. Redfall's secret ambition is to become Clan leader, but he is happy that his sister, Echomist, got the rank of deputy and remains best friends with the gray point she-cat.


As a kit, Redfall was always brave, the most reckless of the kits. After a serious injury to his leg from falling into the stream, he spent one moon in the medicine den. He trained as a medicine cat after his leg, weak and unstable, didn't allow him to walk. However, after a dream from StarClan telling him his true destiny, he trained long and hard to be a warrior, strengthening his leg. Apprenticed late, the ginger tom trained harder than any other apprentice and caught up on his training. He was made a warrior along with his sister Echopaw, now called Echomist. His backstory instills in him a burning desire to constantly prove himself.



Redfall's sister, Echomist, is DuskClan's deputy. Despite Redfall's desire for the rank himself, he's happy and proud that Echomist got it.


Redfall and his mother, Yellowspring, have a loving kit-mother bond. Yellowspring is in the elder's den, but she is always there for support when Redfall needs her.


Stonescratch, Redfall's father, is also in the elder's den with his mate, Yellowspring. Redfall often ask for advice from the old tom, and they share a good father-son relationship.

Theme Song

Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes (Audio)

Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes (Audio)

I feel like "Whatever it Takes" by Imagine Dragons fits Redfall well. It describes his ambitious and courageous nature perfectly, in my opinion.

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