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Past Ranks

Kit, Apprentice, Warrior

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Fur Color


Eye Color

Prupleish blue





Ashkit, Briarkit, Meadowkit











Moonfrost is a light blue siamese colored she-cat with blue-purple eyes. She has a dark blue fasce and paws and light blue fur elsewhere.


Moonfrost is a joyful she-cat who is very social and loud. She is short tempered as well, however, so getting on her bad side is not the best idea. Her motto is forgive and forget, and she forgives Ashheart and her foster parents even if her sister doesn't.


Moonfrost has very good hearing and scenting but not a good memory. She can hear that thing you said about her but forget it the next day. She's also very socially skilled and can find a way to make peace instead of violence and friends among foes. She is good at making deals rather than fighting.



Moonkit was born into ShadowClan years ago alongside Meadowkit, Briarkit, and her still-born brother, Silentkit. As a young kit she always looked up to Ashpaw, having not known his Dark Forest training. As a young kit Ashpaw led her parents to a snakes den and they died. She had no idea it was Ashpaw's doing, however. As they got older she developed a crush on Ashheart but it soon disappeared as she realized their age gap when she was a new apprentice, given to Yarrowwhisker, her mother's friend to be mentored by. She believed her real parents were Silverspot and Rumblefoot as they adopted her and claimed she was theirs.

When she was an old apprentice Briarpaw became colder and distanced from her, more so than usual. Every time she tried to help her she wasn't able to and made things worse, so they drifted apart as siblings. She stuck to Meadowpaw, a medicine cat apprentice, until she was found dead near a fox den with fox scent on her.

When she was given her Warrior Name, Moonfrost, Ashheart cornered them when they were attacked by dogs, telling them the secret about their real parents and their deaths, and how it was his doing. He also said he would kill their adoptive parents with ease if they told anyone, so they kept silent. They escape the dogs but were traumatized from the event and distanced themselves from their adoptive parents. Moonfrost wished she could have apologized to them, too, before they died as well. Moonfrost was offered the place as deputy in place of her adoptive mother and she agreed.

On Echostar's last life Echostar became insane, shreiking and accusing cats of doing impossible acts. There, Briarwing went crazy and killed Echostar to save the clan, while Moonfrost and Redsand saw everything. Redsand told the entire clan and Briarwing was sentenced to exile, where she retreated to ThunderClan to become a Medicine Cat. When ShadowClan foiund out they attacked ThunderClan, and the newly named Moonstar had a choice to kill her sister or spare her and destroy her clan. She was torn but chose the clan and killed Briarwing.

Three moons after the death of Briarwing, she found out she was expecting kits. When they were born she named them, Meadowkit, Ashkit and Briarkit.


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She loves Briarwing with all her heart and is foolish around her. She feels secure with her sister after their parents were killed and they found the truth about their adopted ones. She tries her best to seem like she doesn't care to out Briarwing at ease but it comes out wrong as if she doesn't care. She loves her sister deeply and is concerned for her lack of sleep and rudeness towards others and has always tried to get her to be more social.

Meadowpaw: Meadowpaw was her sister who comforted her when Briarwing grew cold and distant. She died soon after from a group of foxes. When Moonfrost became a Warrior she only called Meadowpaw "Meadowfur" as her made-up Warrior name to preserve her memory and give her a full honorable name as a Warrior.

Silentkit: Silentkit was Moonfrost's still-born brother whom she wishes lived a full life. She called him Silentpaw as an apprentice and Silentspirit when she was a Warrior to preserve his memory. As a kit and apprentice she claims to have trained alongside his ghost, but nobody believed her and his "ghost" seemed to have disappeared when she was made Warrior, but she still talked about him a lot.

Goldstring: Goldstring was Moonfrost's father when she was a kit, and after he died and was replaced with Rumblefoot, Moonfrost forgot about him. But when he died he watched over her and Moonfrost always claims to feel a presence during big moments, whom she now claims were her parents watching out for her.

Swirlwind: Swirlwing was Moonfrost's mother when she was a kit, and after she died and was replaced with Silverspot, Moonfrost forgot about her. But when she died he watched over her and Moonfrost always claims to feel a presence during big moments, whom she now claims were her parents watching out for her.

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