Frostpaw is a short furred gray siamese she-cat with a very well torn left leg.


Though she hasn’t been in the world long enough to have a big history, she enjoys play fighting with her siblings and surprising the other warriors with tail pouncing. She also enjoys watching petals of blossoms or leaves in the breeze. She generally likes Nature and doesn’t take anything her siblings say seriously. Frostpaw is also a snooty she-cat, sticking her nose in other cats business ending in a scolding from her mother. But she has her own growing ambitions.

She had lost tension in her leg after Lavender tore it when she was still on Blossom’s leash.


A pretty sassy she-cat, Frostpaw knows she will have a great time in CloudClan, everything in her life would be perfect as she wanted it to be. It was her life after all. She makes the decisions.


Frostpaw was apprenticed to Fireshadow, well, not long before the Badger attack and helped drag Heatherpaw back to camp, only for Thriftface to die.

After Graykit died her siblings start saying they’re leaving CloudClna and she considers them traitors and denies their request for her to go with.

After they leave, and after Willowstar leaves, she can’t help but feel angry with Swallowpaw for accusing willowstar, Frostpaw sometimes pots herself on highledge in secret and wants to know how much Stress being leader can be, though, she doesn’t trust Hayleap despite what he said.

After Willowstar returns Lavender follows and fear strikes Frostoaws heart as she then goes to attack and is found at the murderers claws and her leg almost shredded completely empty, she’s taken to the medicine cats den with a permanent scar, and might never walk again.

She then quarrels with Eclipse, though hides her astonishment with the she-cats hope, even if she was a loner. And then she was suggested to become the medicine cats apprentice, though she hopefully wants to deny it in the future.

After Lavender joins as Thornpaw, Frostoaw storms off into the forest and stumbles up on Icepaw, who asks what happened, Frostoaw snaps back. Icepaw says she deserved the scar and Frostpaw hisses back. She then gats told Dapplepaw is dead. Frostpaw hisses, if Icepaw hadn’t left Dapplesnow wouldn’t have died and attacks her.

She gets dizzy because she had lost a lot of blood.



Dapplesnow: Living


Hailsnow: Deceased


Icepaw: Living


Whitepaw: Living


Dapplesnow, Icepaw & Whitepaw

Frostpaw is devistated her only siblings and rest of her family left her for what? Being afraid of being murdered and dying for your clan? That’s mouse dung! Frostpaw sometimes wonders if she’ll ever see them again....


Frostpaw has a KILLING hate for this particular she-cat, the one who had taken away her warrior future, and now Frostpaw has to be a medicine cat apprentice to a fairly young medicine cat. Frostpaw is very dissapointed Willowstar even had the thought to let this brutal killer into the clan since Vixenleap passed.


This she-cat might have started a spark in her, Frostpaw can’t understand why Eclipse won’t give up on her. Frostpaw really wants to end up being close to eclipse, but...... she doesn’t know Eclipse and Lavender are related......



  • Her warrior name might be, Froststep or Frostskip, or Frostslip.
    • Most likely Frostskip
  • She never met her father, and hardly known her mother.
  • yes she ends up with a perm in ant scar over her leg and must limp more than her former mentor, Fireshadow
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