Ferrettail is a white she-cat with a black spot around her left ear. Her tail from the tip to the middle is black, and from the middle to the base of the spine is ginger. Her eyes are blue and amber, with the blue eye on the right and the amber one on the left. Her fur is short.


Ferrettail is adventurous, and kind spirited. She is quite energetic, but can get a bit down at times when the responsibility of being deputy gets her down. She normally feels responsible for anything that goes wrong while she is leading a patrol, even if it is something ridiculous like a fellow warrior missing a mouse. She is quite motherly, and can get a little annoying at times.


Ferretkit was born to Skyleap and Snakepool alongside her litter mates Adderkit and Dandelionkit. An unnamed queen commented on Ferretkit's unique coat, saying that she would be teased for it, but Skyleap tells her to mind her own business. She is next seen attempting to sneak into the leaders den with Adderkit and Dandelionkit. They are caught by Leapordshadow, the deputy at that point, who makes them apologize to

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