Echomist is a sleek-furred gray point she-cat with blue eyes.


Echomist is the current deputy of DuskClan. She is currently mentoring Blazepaw, a DuskClan warrior apprentice. Stonescratch, her father, mentored her. Echomist's mother is Yellowspring, a DuskClan elder.


Echomist is a sleek-furred, graceful, agile, slender gray tabby point she-cat. Her blue eyes have an almost grayish tint, while her light gray fur is described as having a sleek, silver sheen. She was formerly a Fisher in DuskClan, before becoming deputy, so her swimming skills are notable.


Echomist is outgoing, determined, and quick-thinking. Her resolve to finish anything she starts is one of her most valuable traits, while her intelligence and quick-thinking brain are able to figure things out quickly. Despite the fact that Echomist can get a bit too involved, she makes a good deputy and mentor.

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