Duststreak is a rare male dilute torbie. He had dilute tortoiseshell colouring and classic tabby markings, i.e. the M and stripes on his back. He is long-furred and has tufty ears. His yellow/green eyes are always sparkling.


Duststreak is fiercely protective of his mate, Rosebreeze, and his Clan, DuskClan. He is very active and is among the first to jump for opportunities. He is a bit too quick to fight, but that's just an instinct from his protective nature.


Duststreak was a normal kit, and grew up loved alongside his sister Minnowkit. The two became eager apprentices and had a generally normal life until Minnowpaw drowned in a stream by DuskClan's territory. Dustpaw vowed not to let her down and trained relentlessly to become the best warrior he could be.

When his naming ceremony came around, he was named Duststreak for his bravery. As a warrior, he developed a crush on Rosebreeze, a small she-cat that was only slightly younger than he was. But she was first to admit her love for him, which was an amazing surprise for Duststreak. They became mates, and Rosebreeze is now expecting his kits.

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