DuskClan lives in a birch forest east of StreamClan and south of DawnClan. BreezeClan lives to their right.

DuskClan is co-owned by both YellowfangWC and Hawkblossom45! Ask them before making any OCs for this Clan, please!

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DuskClan's History

DuskClan was once a part of ThunderClan, but a falsely accused cat named Duskfall and his mate Featherleap were forced to leave, even with Featherleap carrying Duskfall's kits. They journeyed for a quarter-moon until reaching a place they could call home. Duskfall was not content to live as a rogue, so he gathered the cats living in the area and trained them to the Warrior Code. And DuskClan was born. Some of the cats living nearby caused trouble for the Clan, and it began to fall apart. Duskfall was killed by one of these cats. Featherleap wouldn't give up on her Clan, wanting to honor her mate. There was nothing she could do.

Then came Fox, a flame-coloured rogue, many seasons afterwards. He took what was left of DuskClan and quickly formed them together again. He took the new name Foxstar. 


DuskClan's territory is a birch forest crossed with streams and a large lake. Their camp is a rocky delta.

The camp's dens are placed in bushes, caves, and rocks.

DuskClan Camp
  • The Leader's Den is under the tree to the right of the Clanrock, out of the stream.
  • The Medicine Den is under the large rock in the left side of the picture.
  • The Warriors' Den is on the piece of land between the two streams, which split, in the top right corner of the picture.
  • The Apprentices' Den is in a cave in the large rock up the left side of the stream.
  • The Nursery is in the right side of the bushes that house the warriors.
  • The Elders' Den is in the bushes to the left of the Apprentice Den.


DuskClan is much like ThunderClan in i's hunting techniques and abilities. Some of it's cats can fish, as they were born to rogues who lived by the river. They also are more cautious, and this comes of the Clan being torn apart just after it was formed. 

They prefer not to climb trees after prey, but they will if they have too. In the cold season of leaf-bare, the river sometimes freezes, cutting off the fish. Most cats are happy to eat the fish that are caught, and so DuskClan is usually fed well all year round.

Clan Customs

Mostly like ThunderClan, except for the fact that the warriors are split into two groups, Fishers and Hunters. These two groups are allowed to mate, but it is very rare and the offspring is treated suspiciously. 


Leader: Foxstar

DeputyEchomist- A gray tabby point she-cat with blue eyes.Apprentice: Blazepaw. (Hawk)

Medicine CatsMorningswift- Cream and black she-cat with glittering blue eyes. (Yellow)


Mistypaw- (Willow)


Willowsong- A grey and cream she-cat with a white underbelly and paws. Pale green eyes. (Yellow)


Redfall- A dark ginger tom with hints of black and white underbelly and paws. Green eyes. (Hawk)


Brackenfire- Open



Goldentail- (Hope)

Duststreak- (Yellow)

Petalfur- (Survivor)




Robinpaw- (Hope)

Kestrelpaw - pale brown tabby tom (Night)

Blazepaw- Ginger-brown tabby tom with pale yellow eyes. Mentor: Echomist. (Hawk)





Stonescratch- Pale gray tom with green eyes. (Hawk)

Yellowspring- Yellow-brown she-cat with amber eyes. (Hawk)

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