Deadmist is a white She-Cat with small black dapples all throughout her body. She had some also around her eyes and has green eyes.


As soon as she was born, Dark-kit‘s mother had died, some say it was of her birth, but others say it was just white cough. Soon her father Barkclaw had a pity on his daughter, and for his two sons, her brothers got his pride. Nightkit and Ravenkit, but as soon as a huge blizzard struck known as the Great Storm, which gave Nightkit a death of whitecough.

As apprentices, Ravenpaw and Darkpaw were bff’s, until Barkclaw became deputy and dragged them away, giving Ravenpaw Splashcloud as a mentor, and Haretail as Darkpaw’s mentor.

Once on a hunting patrol, Barkclaw came with the two mentors and his kits, it was another harsh blizzard, not as great as the Great Blizzard, but it was strong winded. Soon they needed to take cover before being buried alive and stumbled into a badges den, it had a stale scent, but it turned out to have a back entrance and so the badger returned, killing Nightpaw and Haretail, leaving SplashCloud, Barkclaw, and Darkpaw to escape without the bodies of their clan mates.

Darkpaw then had a fight with her father in the middle of camp about why he never cared about his family, revealing to her he’d had a different mate, she lashed out some nasty words and flung herself to attack, killing him in front of the whole clan liking the blood off her paws. And soon was a warrior, the only warrior of her generation and named Deadmist due to her killing blows in battle, and dark heart, and partly because of her past and fur that blends with the snow as mist can sort of been seen through. The whole clan wonders when she’ll leave CloudClan because she has no one, but she decides to stay as SplashCloud becomes deputy and a Tigerfrost joins the clan, most cats hate her because Barkclaw was their friend, but he’ll always be an enemy to her. Even if she has no family left. She has herself and that’s what matters to her, trust no one to suffer loss or suffer affection. Is she really right though?

Now Exiled from the clans, Deadmist needs to show she can care for herself, weather she leaves it not, she’ll always be alone. Or will she?

She soon met with Tigerfrost one last time, and then left, soon finding out Cloverfurs death, and finding Flamepaw and Icepaw. She then had mat and attacked Willowsyar after trying to tell Duskblossom the truth, she was killed by Hayleap.


Deadmist is usually always sarcastic and sour. She never really feels for anyone and she can only care the size of a sand speck. She only opens up to either good friends (not likely to open up a lot), or maybe siblings but she had no other siblings since Blackpaw and Nightkit had died.



Echopelt: Deceased


Barkclaw: Deceased


Nightkit: Deceased

Ravenpaw: Deceased


Willowstar: Living


Duskblossom: Living



She doesn’t take the tom as a ‘normal’ cat, he treats her as if she is like everyone else, she suspects that he might have changed his mind when Hayleap might've told him of her story though, and knows she might be alone for awhile.


She despises her she never wishes for her leader to ever be known.


A bees for brains truth seeker.


The new Tigerstar



  • Deadmist will live for a long time
  • never find love again so you don’t feel sorrow and grieve
  • she wasn’t very respected as a cat in general because of the fake murderer trait in kits stories
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