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DarkClan lives slightly eastward of their life-long rivals, DawnClan. The group of cats consist of intense worshippers of the Dark Forest, who aim to perfect their skills using ancient and forbidden combat. While this is considered dishonorable to most, DarkClan cats actually pride in their skills. Cats typically have an aloof and proud attitude and dark, sleek coats to help them blend in with their surroundings. Despite being hostile towards outsiders, the clan is strongly unified as a whole. StarClan followers are not allowed, as they are instantaneously found-out by Dark Forest members, and reported to the mortal DarkClan cats so that they can be terminated from the ranks. Warriors are trained specially in order to take prisoners and assassinate enemies undetected, so young cats are actually apprenticed until the age of 16 moons. Like DawnClan cats, DarkClan apprentices have two mentors at a time: one DarkClan member, and one Dark Forest member. Training is rough and apprentices don't frequently make it to adulthood. Training begins at 5 moons rather than 6. 


The trees grow so thick and close together here, to the point where most of DarkClan's camp is held within the forest canopy. All dens are located in these massive trees, some in lower branches and others (such as the nursery) located in strong burros at the base of the trees. The center of camp is a small clearing that basically holds the fresh kill pile. Meetings are held within the trees, with the leader sitting at the top of the branches. Borders
The clan lives in the most dense parts of the forest, to the point where the sunlight is seldom visible. The land is constantly plagued with a thick fog that makes traveling difficult for those not adapted to the DarkClan-way. Deciphering what time of day it is happens to be difficult, so sometimes, DarkClanners are somewhat nocturnal.

Towards the edge of their territory where no cat outside of DarkClan dares to roam is a strange formation tucked underneath a cliff covered in undergrowth. To fall would be certain death. A series of unusual stalagmites is found below the ledge, a group of rocks that would instantly kill anything that fell onto them. The peculiar landscape has the well-deserving name of "Claw Rocks", and is said to be a portal into the darkest depths of the Place of No Stars. How one would get there, nobody knows- those who attempt to enter never return, not alive, at least.



Ebonystar - lanky ebony she-cat of an oriental descent. (Whiskers)
Apprentice: Featherpaw


Crowshade - brown tabby tom of an oriental descent. (Whiskers)

Medicine Cat:

Open x1


Jayflight - black smoke she-cat of an oriental descent. (Whiskers)
Sharpclaw - black tom with piercing amber eyes. (Open)
Badgerback - black and white she-cat. (Open)


Featherpaw - tall black tom with long, ruffled fur. (Whiskers)

Queens & Kits:

Thistlebloom - skinny tortoiseshell and white she-cat; mother to Sharpclaw's kits. (Open)
Coyotekit - black and white she-cat. (Willow)
Dogkit - red and white tabby tom. (Open)
Swiftkit - gray and white she-cat. (Open)




Currently CLOSED.
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