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CloudClan is a group of cats that live in a snowy forest. Even in summer, it snows frequently. Some times but it melts easily... sometimes it doesn't. Their founding leader Cloudstar got his name from his sudden appearance leaping off of a tree unseen and finding traveling loners. So for extension, his name ‘Cloud’ was given to the clan.


CloudClan cats can be vicious and strong with their fore and hind legs. They also are very fast because of their snow rabbit hunting. They’re fast and strong... but are not very clever, they just dive from one thing to another. Their main prey is show hares, as they are a big kill and feed the Clan well. CloudClan’s founder, Cloud, knew how to hunt rabbits in three inch snow with the forest around them. He said to keep low if you have snow-white fur and pounce because rabbits can’t see you, and the others guard the nest and sometimes ambush the nests. The warriors can also run through the snow after the running rabbits. They also know how to climb, but don't choose too.


CloudClan lives in a very cold forest with pines and lots of snow hares to hunt. CloudClan usually uses the tree climbing technique when ambushing a patrol from another Clan that’s crossed the border.



Willowstar—A short seal point calico she-cat with blue eyes. (Willowleafwing)
Hayleap— A cream-colored tom with amber eyes. (Willowleafwing)
Medicine Cat:
Kestrelwhisker— a tortoiseshell tom, amber eyes (Night)
Daisyleap—a brown and white tabby she-cat with green eyes (Willowleafwing)
Tigerfrost—a huge black smoke tom with frost blue eyes (Whiskers)
Apprentice: Smokepaw
Duskblossom—a seal tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes (Whiskers)
Apprentice: Swallowpaw
Snowheart—a gray tom with green eyes (Wolfy)
Fireshadow—a ginger black-striped tabby tom with yellow eyes (Wolfy)
Apprentice: Frostpaw
Icewind—A gray tom with yellow eyes and one white paw. (Echo)
Emberstorm—a light ginger tom with blue eyes (Awkward)
Apprentice: Fallenpaw
Frostnose—A silvery tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes. (Echo)
Hickorynose—a dark ginger she-cat without a tail (Willow)
Heathersight—A small sand colored tabby she-cat with violet eyes. (Willow)
(13-17) moons
Fallenpaw—a snow white she-cat with translucent silver eyes (Awkward)
Eclipse—a black she-cat with a white paw and an amber eye and a blue eye (Yellowfang)
Smokepaw—a grey tom (Night)
(6-12 moons)
Frostpaw—a white and silver she-cat with frost blue eyes
Swallowpaw— a golden tabby she-cat with green eyes (Night)
Moonshine— a russet colored she-cat with green eyes, mates with Snowheart
Moonshines Kits: (5-6 Moons Old)
Russetkit—a russet colored she-kit with blue eyes (Wolfy)
Nightkit—a dark gray and black tortoiseshell tom kit (Echo)
Owlkit—a cinnamon tortoiseshell she-kit with dark red-amber eyes (Willowleafwing)
None at the Moment
Rogue/Former Members:

(in no order)

Midge—a black tom, formerly an apprentice (Night)
Whitepaw—a white tom (Night)
Icepaw—a black and white she-cat with green eyes
Flamekit—a tortoiseshell she-cat with blazing amber eyes (Whiskers)
Fogkit—a grayish tom with clouded green eyes (Willowleafwing)
Maplebranch—A dark ginger tom with a black tail. (Night)
Deceased Members: (In StarClan)

(In order from Newest to Oldest)
(could be anyone who was formerly of the clan too)

Dapplesnow— a dilute tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow-green eyes, she was a former nursery warrior who joined IceClan (Yellowfang)
Vixenleap- Ginger long furred she-cat, a former medicine cat (Yellowfang)
Graykit—a gray tom with green eyes, formerly a kit (Night)
Thriftface— a gray she-cat with blue eyes, formerly an elder (Night)
Splashcloud—A pale gray she-cat with white patches, a former deputy. (Night)
Deadmist—a white she-cat with black dapples and dull ghost green eyes, a former rogue warrior (Willow)
Cloverfur— a white short-furred former queen, amber eyes (Night)

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