BreezeClan is owned by Night! To join, leave a message on his wall.


BreezeClan's territory is a canyon full of cliffs.


BreezeClan's camp is a large crevice between two cliffs with a stream running through the middle.

300px-Zion Narrows

BreezeClan Camp

  • The Leader's Den is under the bushes and trees next to the Rockpile.
  • The Medicine Cat's Den is located on the flat rock in the bottom right corner of the picture.
  • The Warrior's Den is located in the crevice below the right rock.
  • The Apprentice's Den is in the tumble of rocks in the bottom left corner of the picture.
  • The Nursery is located behind the top of the Rockpile.
  • The Elder's Den is located just past the Warrior's den.



Windstar: White she-cat with silver shading and green eyes. (Hawk)

Ferrettail: White she-cat with a black tail and ears, amber eyes. (Night)
(Apprentice: Fuzzypaw)
Medicine Cat:

Skybreeze: Silver tabby she-cat, amber eyes. (Hawk)

Shadowclaw: a huge handsome brown tabby tom with amber eyes (Willow)
Hollymoon: a molted brown and white she-cat with dark chocolate milky fur, she has amber eyes that sparkle with hazel (Willow)
Hawkflight: Brown tabby tom, blue eyes. (Hawk)
Lilybreeze: Brown leopard-spotted she-cat, green eyes. (Echo)
Rowanfall: Long-furred brown-black she-cat with white paws and chest, green eyes. (Hawk)
Stagfeather: Brown tabby tom with a yellow underbelly, pale green eyes. (Night)
(Apprentice: Amberpaw)
Ivyheart: White she-cat, grey markings (Yellow)
Carnelianfall: Dark ginger she-cat, blue eyes. (Swift)
(Apprentice: Shadowpaw)
Thundersnow: Dark ginger tom, green eyes. (Echo)
Stormdapple: Grey tabby she-cat, heavily scarred, tail-less. (Mystery)
Cedarear: Small dark tabby tom, white patches. (Night)
(Apprentice: Softpaw)
Suntail: Golden tom, amber eyes (Night)
Silverfur: Silver she-cat, yellow eyes (Survivor)
Moonfrost: Blue-gray she-cat (Briar)
Willowsong: Grey and cream she-cat (Yellow)
Briarwing: Brown tabby she-cat, tan patches (Briar)
Bearheart: Seal point tom with ice-colored eyes (Silver)
(Apprentice: Sparkpaw)

Amberpaw: Golden spotted she-cat, green eyes. (Hawk)
Fuzzypaw: Light golden tom, honey coloured eyes (Willow)
Softpaw: White and gold she-cat, blue eyes. (Willow)
Shadowpaw: Dark brown she-cat with a black head, green eyes. (Night)
Ferretpaw: Brown tom, white paws, tail tip and underbelly. (Mystery)
Shallowpaw: Silvery tabby she-cat, amber eyes. (Echo
Patchpaw: Calico she-cat. (Willow)
Sparkpaw: Red tom, black stripes. (Silver)
Meadowpaw: Golden tabby she-cat (Mystery)

Whiteflame: white she-cat with a golden underbelly blue eyes (mystery)

Stonetail: Dark grey she-cat, yellow eyes. (Echo)
Darkmuzzle: White tom, pale grey muzzle. (Night)

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