BlackClan's Territory 

BlackClan's territory is a clearing in a forest with a stream running through it. 

BlackClan's Camp

BlackClan's camp is a clearing surrounded by trees with a small stream running through it. BlackClan Camp

  • The Leader's Den is in a large, hollow tree.
  • The Medicine Cat's Den is underground a large tree, like a rabbit burrow.
  • The Warrior's Den is a bramble den near the Apprentice's Den with a few trees near it.
  • The Apprentice's Den is a bramble den near the Warrior's Den with a few trees near it.
  • The Nursery is a bramble den near the tree where the underground Medicine Cat's Den is.
  • The Elder's Den is located across the Apprentice's Den, made with stones near the stream.

BlackClan's History

BlackClan was originally a group of rouges, the same rouges WhiteClan originated from as well. There seemed to be two sides in the group, and when the two leaders, who were brothers, started to fight, the rouges in the group joined in against the other parts of the group. War started the break out and the group seperated into two and evolved into what is now BlackClan and WhiteClan. They are still against eachother to this day, but the truth of how the fight began was warped and twisted into legends, and most of the modern cats in the two clans have no idea why they are fighting they just know that they are.

BlackClan Warrior Ceremony & Naming

An apprentice may ask for their warrior assessment whenever they think they are ready. There, the leader will choose a young warrior, most likely one who has just gotten their warrior name, and place them against the apprentice. There, they must compete to gather the most prey, fight in combat, and race against eachother. If the apprentice has done everything well against the Warrior, they will recieve their warrior name. Their warrior name is always based on a dream the leader has prior to the naming ceremony. If he dreams about fish, Bluepaw will be known as Bluefish, Blueminnow, or something like that. Or if he dreams about being a bird, Treepaw may be Treeflight, Treesoar, Treebird, Treewing, etc. But, if an apprentice does extremley well and/or the leader has a certain dream prior to the naming, the apprentice will not be a Warrior but of a higher rank called "Darkeners". A Darkener is of a higher rank than warrior and is extremley special. BlackClan normally has four Darkeners at a time. Darkeners do special things such as lead a battle group and are gifted with special dreams from StarClan, such as medicine cats.

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Leader: Robinstar  (Dark brown and red she-cat with dark brown eyes and a tuft of white on her chest) - Briar

Deputy: Nightstorm (Black Tom with white tuft on chest and yellow eyes, related To Robinstar) - Night

Medicine Cat: Open

Darkeners: Open

Warriors: Open

Apprentices: Open

Queens: Open

Elders: Open

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